Mikuni India Private Limited

Product of Two Wheeler

Throttle Body for Two Wheeler

A throttle body having two butterfly valves. With a phase difference, the link mechanism opens and closes the downstream valve via the upstream valve.

BS Type Carburetors for Motorcycles

Constant-vacuum-pressure type provides smooth driving performance, thereby contributing to improved fuel efficiency and emission control. Add-on acceleration pump is also

VM Type Carburetors for Motorcycles

VM type carburetors provide direct response from the engine and are excellent in cost performance.

High Performance Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Performs overall control of engine intake and exhaust systems, fuel supply system, ignition system, etc.

Plunger Pump for Motorcycle

An in-line fuel pump with the plunger pump and injector unified on the intake manifold.

Plastic Fuel Pump

This diaphragm fuel pump comes in pulse type and piston type. Light weight and low cost achieved by use of plastic bodies. Self-priming type is also available.

Water Pump

Impeller type circulation pump used for water cooled engines.

Trochoid Oil Pump

Circulates oil for lubricating four cycle engines. Low cost attained through in-house production of its trochoid rotor.

Secondary Air Valve

Valve which controls secondary air supply to the exhaust port to re-burn incomplete combustion for emission control.

Throttle Body with Sub-Throttle valves for Large Motorcycles

A throttle body having a main throttle valve directly connected with throttle grip and a sub-throttle valve controlled by ECU.

Electronic Control Throttle Body for Large Motorcycles

While throttle valve operation is electronically controlled, intake port is made straight by making it an oval shape.

Modularized Air Quantity Sensor (MAQS)

A multi-function sensor module that combines three sensors (non-contact throttle position, intake air temperature, and pressure) into a single package.